Front End (Public) Event Submission Form

Don’t miss an event in your community.
Let the public submit events to your calendar.

Get the WordPress Front End Submission Add-on Now $59/yr

Letting the public submit events leads to a fuller, more comprehensive calendar.

Keep control

You choose which events to accept

You have the option to view, approve, or reject all events submitted to your calendar

Or, save time and auto-publish any public event submission
Spam free: Integration with Google Re-Captcha prevents spam submissions

Your design

Make your invitation clear

You can add a “Submit an Event” button at the top of your calendar
Or place the button on a separate page – just copy and paste some HTML
Choose which fields submitters must include.


Customize your communications

Customize your auto-response message that gets sent out to your front end event submitters.
Set a disclaimer for your front end submitters, prior to submitting an event.
Choose exactly when your Tweet is sent


Get it now – $59/yr