Timely Ticketing add-on

Add tickets to the events in your calendar within seconds.
Take advantage of the lowest fees on the market!

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35,000 tickets sold last year! Sell tickets for your event with just a few clicks!

Unlimited tickets

Stop paying high fees!

No fees for RSVP and registration
Only $59 per year (+ Paypal transaction fees) to sell unlimited tickets

Multiple ticket types

Attract a bigger audience

Sell different ticket types for seniors, student, or regular participants
Set specific pricing for each type
Keep control by setting limits to the number of tickets

RSVP flexibility

Market free or paid tickets

Choose to sell paid tickets only
Or ‘sell’ free tickets, and your customers still receive¬†a ticket

Sales reporting

Keep on top of your sales

Check your overall sales and order statuses in your dashboard
View status availability and attendee list for each ticket

PayPal payments

Safe, secure and reputable

Offer PayPal and credit card payment options to your ticket buyers
Get paid directly in your PayPal account for your sold tickets

Effortless marketing

Sell tickets around the web

Take advantage of our unique network of connected calendars
Your tickets are displayed on all Timely calendars with your event


Offer flexibility to your customers

Support a wide range of major currencies
Includes USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, BRL, HKD, JPY etc.

Taxes and invoicing

Ensure your events are legal

Flexible tax and invoice options for your events
Designed to fit your accounting and legal needs


Get it now – $59/yr