Create ticketed events or free registration at the same time you’re adding an event to your calendar

1. Log into your calendar dashboard, click to Add New Event to get started, and follow these steps:

2. Provide your general payment information (this only needs to be done once)

3. Fill in your specific ticket information for that event

Make sure you complete the rest of your information about your event (title, date, time, location, description, image, etc)

4. Add your general business Tax & Invoice details (this only needs to be done once)

5. View what the public will see when they are purchasing a ticket


A confirmation email will be sent automatically with the ticket included when purchases are made


To view how many people registered/paid for the ticketed event, Find the event in All Events and select “Tickets”


You will be able to see the ticketing/registration activity of your event

6. Get Selling with Timely!

If you have a repeating event that you want to add ticketing/registration to, you will need to clone the event and add ticketing separately to it – each event must have it’s own ticketing.