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Not sure what kind of calendar you have? Hosted Calendars are managed through
your account on WordPress plugins are managed through your website admin.

Hosted Calendars

We offer prioritized support to our Hub clients. We reply in 8 hours to Hub inquiries, 12 for Hublite, and 24 hours to Pro. Please raise support tickets through the “get help” button in your dashboard or click below

If for whatever reason you are not able to properly use GetHelp feature please email us at

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WordPress Plugins

For all our WordPress plugins, please log into your account > Get Help. to create a support ticket. Don’t have one? Create an account through your Calendar admin.

Please do not raise issues on the support forum as it’s meant only for discussion and best practices. We reply to core users within 3 days

Ask us a question

Other Resources

You can find here a list of self-help resources and escalations channels. Please read through and help us make the best product for your needs.

  • User GuideLearn how to get the most out of your calendar with videos and documents that explain everything you need to know including how to troubleshoot various issues some users may encounter.
  • Known issues: If you escalate a bug via the support forums (for self hosted plugin users) of via Get Help (for Timely hosted users) our team will confirm and create a known issue here. Please subscribe to it and vote as this way you’ll be automatically notified via email of updates and fix releases.
  • Feature requests: Please use our user guide to get a more clear picture of how our product works but raise any feature ideas (not issues) on our idea board.
  • Release notes: You want to make sure a certain issue was addressed in a specific release? Or what improvements have been added to a new one? Head over here.
  • Developer contribution: Our code is public on Github. Please feel free to contribute as sometimes that might be easier and faster that going through a support channel.

Support for WordPress free All-In-One-Event-Calendar plugin users

We have limited Support for free users as we have to prioritize our paid customers first. Our priorities are, in the following order: critical bugs requiring hot fixes, major bugs that affect multiple users. Any of these can take up to 7 days (although our users appreciate that we’re mostly responding in 1-2 days), or sometimes even more.

What’s not covered: We’d love to address every problem raised, but our dedicated support team cannot provide support for the following inquiries:

  • Customizations
    Code customizations and tweaks, custom CSS changes and other similar customizations are best to be addressed by your developer. For feature requests though, please go here.
  • Questions on using the product
    These are mostly covered by our user guide. If you find something that is not covered, please ping us and we’ll add it to our internal tasks list!
  • Issues of self hosted users that require us logging into their website
    Many issues that users report are due to limitations of their environment, conflicts with other plugins of themes. Troubleshooting these is covered in our user guide. Unfortunately these are the most time consuming issues to investigate, and in most of the cases the issue is not with our product. But don’t worry! If multiple users escalate the sale issue we’ll jump right in.
  • Upgrade for the best experience
    Due to a strictly controlled environment, Timely hosted users encounter less that 20% the number of issues that self hosted users do! Please check-out our Hub and Pro hosted plans for many extra features and 24 to 48h response time via “Get Help” feature inside the plugin.

WordPress plugin users forum

We do not monitor our forum on a daily basis. You are welcome to mention customization tweaks or integration issues, incase other Timely plugin users have suggestions or ideas.

Resolving a thread: In order to focus on the most import issues you might encounter, we mark as Resolved the threads inactive for more that 2 weeks, with the possibility of being reopened by user if needed. Please don’t reopen threads that somebody else created, rather please just create a new one instead.

Our commitment

Over the last year we have made great improvements to our product features, code quality, performance, support response time, development cycle and business model to make sure we put in the hands of our users, for free, the best calendar plugin.