• Create a Calendar Name (this is just for you to identify the calendar)
  • You can add in a Calendar Logo. This will only apply if you have a Hub calendar, the image will show on the header of your Newsletter.
  • Make sure to set your Timezone
  • Add your Contact Information. When you submit an event to other calendars, this is the contact info we provide to the destination calendar.


Display Settings

  • Default View – Set your default calendar view.  This is the view that visitors will see when they visit your calendar. Additionally, you can toggle through any view you would like your visitors to be able to choose from when they visit your calendar.
  • Lazy Load  Allows you to load more events as you scroll down the page.
  • Max Calendar Width – Our calendars are responsive to page size, but if you need to, you can set a maximum calendar width.


Use this section to match the look of your calendar to your website. Mouse over the blue tool tip to see what each option changed in your calendar


  • PayPal Payments – applies to ticketing any payment you receive from selling tickets will go to the Paypall account your have entered here
  • Stripe – Applies to EventPromote. Anything you sell through Frontend Submissions, payments will go directly to your stripe account.


For Custom Domains Please refer here.


For Pro, Hublite and Hub calendar subscriptions you can white label your calendar and your own logo in select spots.

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