Event Management for Educational Institutions

Connect students and faculty to social events, sports, clubs, classes and lectures.
Create Your School Calendar

Events Calendar for Schools - click for a demo
Events Calendar for Schools

Create, Schedule and Manage Events for Schools

This is the simple solution to keep everyone in your school’s community engaged. Events are the backbone of any healthy campus community. They not only help current students have a better experience but they also help to attract future students.

What are the main benefits?

  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Keep your primary/secondary school or high school students aware of PD days, holidays or special events
  • Keep your university staff/faculty members connected to students for seminars or lectures
  • Customizable — match your calendar to your website
  • Save time — automate your calendar by pulling in feeds from multiple departments
  • Improve attendance to school events
  • Mobile friendly

Create Your School Calendar

Molly Rodger from Wayne Library Alliance gives a testimonial for Time.ly.“The Time.ly calendar is so much more eye-catching than the calendar we had before.

It draws attention to our programs when someone visits our website; the graphics make it easy for the public to identify what they are interested in. It’s easy for staff to enter events and programs. It has a lot of functionality we never had before, and we’re still discovering all the features! The training and the support team are terrific. Highly recommended!”

Molly Rodger
Wayne Library Alliance