Event Management for Community Entrepreneurs

Monetize calendar content on your website
Create your Community Calendar

Events Calendar for Community Entrepreneurs - click for a demo
Events Calendar for Community Entrepreneurs

Create, Schedule and Manage Events for Community Entrepreneurs

There are a lot of events happening in your area and you want be the main source for your community!

All of your community events can be a consistent revenue source for your website. Timely automatically creates a beautiful event landing page for you to increase site traffic and add income.

What are the main benefits?

  • Monetize your calendar with our In App tools
  • Import events from Facebook Using Our Chrome Add-on
  • Save time — automate your workload by pulling community events into your calendar
  • Keep your community engaged with our automated Mailchimp Newsletter integration
  • Mobile friendly

Create your Community Calendar

Taylor Meredith from Enjoy Oxford, Ohio gives a testimonial for Time.ly.It’s important that our calendar is user-friendly and easy to navigate for users of all ages and backgrounds (from the very tech savvy to the tech novice), and this product absolutely delivers.

Thanks to the multiple viewing options and the search function, the calendar is accessible for those who wish to simply browse and for those who know exactly what they’re looking for. Additionally, from an administrative perspective, the calendar is simple and straightforward. Posting and editing events takes no time at all, especially because several fields (such as the organizer and location fields) have information saved from previous listings.

In the end, our calendar is so much more than just a collection of dates; it’s a platform that brings community members together by making them aware of opportunities to enjoy and celebrate our town. We would definitely recommend it!”

Taylor Meredith
Enjoy Oxford, Ohio